City of Chireno

Chireno Natural Gas

Chireno Municipal Gas is located in Chireno, Texas. Chireno is a beautiful city that approximately 400 people call home. Chireno is located of off the Old El’ Rio Trail that runs for the Texas boarder to San Marcus. Chireno is a small community where everyone knows everyone. The kids can still walk freely and safely about the town. There is a city park that is available for the families to come together. The City of Chireno established the municipal natural gas system on October 1, 1970. Today, the 6-employee department services approximately 1,600 customers, in 3 counties, with approximately 250 miles of natural gas pipe lines. Chireno Natural gas system is located in the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas, providing safe, clean, economical and reliable natural gas to commercial and residential customers. Chireno Natural Gas provides natural gas service to parts of Nacogdoches, San Augustine and Shelby counties. City Administrator Steven Spencer and gas Supervisor Jimmie Menefee lead the department. The employees of Chireno Natural gas maintain and do regular updates and maintenance on the entire system. Unbelievable service is what you will get with Chireno Natural Gas.  Chireno natural gas system prides itself on providing its customers with the utmost care.  For 40 years Chireno Natural Gas has been providing its customers with dependable gas service. We are a customer focused business. We strive for safety, efficiency and reliability. Chireno Municipal Gas System purchases its gas from Eagle Rock. We are regulated by the Texas Railroad Commission. We are members of the East Texas Gas Association, Texas Gas Association and American Public Gas Association.

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